Origin story

Hi, my name is Sebastian, I'm 22 years of age, I am the owner of Lost Boys and I live in Denmark. In 2019 I decided to drop out of school simply because I couldn't sit still in class. I worked a full time job for about a year, making less than 1300$ a month. My best friend at the time had a big clothing company. I asked him if we should make this new brand together and we came up with the name Lost Boys, since it matched both our current situations. So it was this or nothing for both of us. A couple weeks go by and my friend decides to go all in on his own brand, so now Lost Boys was a one man army. Me.


The journey took off relatively quick from there. I sold over 11.000 shoes in my first year. Coming from being bullied your whole life and making no money to now having this big brand is quite overwhelming. Everything crashed for me mentally in 2021 until mid 2022 because I had no clue how to run a business. All I knew was marketing and selling. So many people were unhappy with the service (completely understandable) and it drove me into severe anxiety and depression. Luckily in mid-2022, I got a partner who has more experience in the books than anyone I've ever met. Since then, we have gotten our own warehouse/office, the best customer service, fastest shipping rates and much more. We really, really, really strive to be the best of the best. Getting everything in house has really set the tone for this brand now. It's stress-relieving to know  that we can finally satisfy our customers. That's my story and I hope you, as well as I, can feel the change here at Lost Boys!

The meaning behind Lost Boys

The concept and goal behind Lost Boys is to create a community of people who strive to stand out. The name Lost Boys originated due to the lack of knowing what to do with ourselves at such a young age. Many feel lost at some point in life and we're here to embrace that. Many people see the concept of "Being Lost" as a bad thing. I think it's a beautiful thing. When lost, we tend to be more open to new impressions, new opportunities and new aspects to life. This way we are more likely to find our own ways and not just jump on the band wagon like everyone else. Everything is about perspective. That's what Lost Boys is about. The gun on our shoe came from an ancient saying, "We are all at war with ourselves."

About us

Lost Boys is a streetwear brand, run by young creatives. We started this journey on 01/06/2020 with as little as one shoe sample and a phone to shoot our product pictures. Fast forward to today, we have grown immensely reaching over 200.000 followers, a big warehouse, lots of staff and much more. The best thing is, we haven't even started yet. Mark our words!